Our hospital achieves its mission in part thanks to the generosity of its donors.

There are numerous ways to contribute to the development of our regional hospital and financial donations are essential to the improvement of health care. Thanks to your donations, the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital can acquire state-of-the-art equipment. We encourage you to give to this great cause through one of the following options.

There’s No Place Like Home

Our new campaign is called There’s No Place Like Home. The first priority of this campaign is the development of an Orthopedics Program at HGH. For more information, please visit There’s No Place Like Home or follow this link to donate now to this campaign.

General funds

In contributing to the general funds of the hospital, you promote the realization of major projects in connection with the institution’s priorities. Follow this link to give now.

Specific funds

To make a donation to a particular sector such as the emergency room, palliative care or the dialysis unit, you can contribute to specific funds. Your donation will be used to purchase equipment for the sector you have chosen.

“In Memoriam” donations

Do you wish to honour the memory of a loved one or pay tribute to someone special? Making an “in memoriam” donation is a remarkable way to contribute to your hospital. Follow this link to donate now.

Planned giving

An increasingly popular way of making a contribution is by making a planned donation. In leaving a part of your assets to the Foundation, you can make a significant donation and improve your community without affecting your budget during your lifetime. This type of donation is tax deductible, while allowing you to participate in a worthwhile cause. We would be pleased to inform you of the different aspects of this type of donation.

  • Last will and bequests: Provides a donation to the Foundation through your Will.
  • Life insurance: Designating the Foundation as a sole beneficiary of a new life insurance policy or transferring an existing policy to the Foundation. In this case, you may immediately benefit from the tax benefits.
  • Donation of stocks or bonds: Donating stocks or bonds to the Foundation through your investment advisor or your portfolio manager.

To obtain more information about planned giving, please call Pierre-Luc Byham at 613-632-1111, extension 21100.

Fundraising activities

You can contribute in a significant way to your hospital by getting involved in the various fundraising activities organized by the Foundation. You may also organize events whose profits will be given to the Foundation. For more information, please consult the section Third-Party Events.

Access 2018 Campaign

Thanks to your generosity, our major fundraising campaign to provide HGH with state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment was a success. For more information, please visit Access 2018.