Excursion to Peru for Mental Health!

Tina Desabrais

In July 2018, Tina Desabrais will be making a trip to Peru. Her goal is to achieve an ascent of 4,600 m altitude and raise $2,000 for the Mental Health and Addiction Regional Centre of the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital.

Why is Tina doing this?

“Because mental health is everyone’s concern. We all know someone who is affected by a mental health problem or we may experience it ourselves. I’d like to thank Jubes at Place d’Orléans’ Goodlife Fitness for her time, dedication, and motivation to help me get physically fit for this trek! Thank you for your generous donation and for supporting a cause I hold dear to my heart.” – Tina Desabrais

Donate for mental health

To support this cause dear to Tina’s heart, follow the link to make an online donation.

About mental health

The following are examples of mental health problems: depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality, dependence on alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. For more information on the help available, please check out Mental Health and Addictions.