2016-2021 Strategic Plan

The Hawkesbury and District General Hospital’s (HGH) strategic plan includes four key goals and strategies to attain them.

Build regional access to health programs and services

  • Operate as a full-service bilingual regional hospital.
  • Increase our clinical service offering, expand our outreach and improve access to care across our catchment area.
  • Grow the clinical service capacity of HGH in terms of the programs and key specialties offered.
  • Invest in and strengthen the strategic relationship with community-based and primary care providers.
  • Provide seamless care centered on the patient and their family and improve patient experience.
  • Improve the efficiency of business processes by incorporating best practices.
  • Improve overall service delivery, namely requisition processing, booking and result transmission.
  • Focus on delivering a positive experience for patients and referring physicians and meet the requirements of community-based partners.
  • Build stronger relationships across all of HGH’s communities.
  • Strengthen and promote HGH’s profile across the region.

Assume a leadership role in health system integration in the region

  • Collaborate, innovate and be a catalyst for change.
  • Co-create integrated health services delivery models that optimize the capabilities of all providers to meet the needs of our communities.
  • Advance the development of integrated care delivery models.
  • Maintain strong engagement in the Health Links initiative.
  • Develop linkages with primary care providers across the expanded service area.
  • Lead in the development of new models of care in the community to increase services provided at home and in the community.
  • Pursue opportunities to further collaborate and partner with different organizations.
  • Enable a senior care strategy along the continuum of care.
  • Further strengthen relationships with tertiary care centres.
  • Complete the Redevelopment Project.
  • Improve infrastructure and install new state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Improve clinical informatics and integrated clinical systems to enable greater system integration with key partners, such as Telemedicine.

Advance our clinical service delivery and interprofessional models of care

  • Encourage every member of our interprofessional teams to practice to their full scope, and continuously improve their abilities to provide the best care possible.
  • Implement patient-centered interprofessional and care delivery models across HGH programs.
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness of resources by having team members work to the full scope of their practice.
  • Standardize clinical skill mix and grow clinical competency across the organization to better align with the growing and evolving complexity and needs of patients.
  • Introduce clinical management tools and approaches to support staff and achieve quality indicator targets.
  • Implement clinical and process improvement measures to achieve wait time targets.
  • Implement a process to engage patients and their families and integrate their perspectives into the evaluation of service delivery.
  • Actively engage and work with the medical practice groups to further strengthen the medical foundation of HGH.
  • Improve specialist capacity to support and work with primary care physicians.
  • Elevate HGH’s role as a key partner and teaching site for future healthcare professionals.

Foster a strong culture of quality and safety, performance and accountability

  • Enable our physicians, employees and volunteers to work together and engage patients and their families to provide high quality, safe and efficient care.
  • Continue to build capacity to support organizational excellence.
  • Build our leadership team’s capabilities through the ongoing implementation of evidence-based and best practice methods.
  • Support ongoing learning and growth of HGH’s people through the implementation of employee and physician development plans.
  • Progress on efforts to build employee and physician engagement platforms based on best practices.
  • Continue to improve data collections, financial and performance measurements and reporting.
  • Improve quality and safety along with cost management to achieve service and operational excellence.
  • Continue to implement risk management programs and develop a formal framework to integrate risk management throughout the organization.
  • Communicate and engage physicians, employees, volunteers, patients and the community on key performance indicators, results and quality improvement activities.
  • Integrate into HGH’s overall quality and performance management framework indicators that reflect patients and their families’ experience.


Download a copy of HGH 2016-2021 Strategic Plan