At HGH, we strive to provide you with high-quality health care that is delivered in a compassionate and dignified manner.

Connect with us – Share your feedback and opinions

Your comments are welcomed and valued as they help us improve the quality of the services that we provide for our patients and visitors. To share your comments, please choose the most convenient option for you.

  • Call 613-632-1111, extension 51702 and leave a message.
  • Send an email to:
  • Send a letter to:

Quality and Patient Safety Office
Hawkesbury and District General Hospital
1111 Ghislain Street
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 3G5

The Patient Relations office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., except public holidays. Voice messages and emails will be responded to within one business day. All phone messages and emails are confidential.

Comments about your care and treatment

If you have any questions about your care and treatment, we’ll help you understand the problem. Discuss your situation with your nursing staff or attending physician. If they are not available, ask to speak to your charge nurse.

If you still have concerns or unresolved issues, you may file a complaint with the HGH Quality and Patient Safety Office.

How do we deal with comments and concerns?

Upon reception of a comment or concern, the Office will follow up with the complainant in a timely manner.

Evaluation of care and services

We regularly mail a survey to patients who have received care at HGH in order to evaluate patient satisfaction. If you receive a survey, please fill it out and mail it using the envelope provided.