Cell Phones, WiFi, Photos and Videos

Wireless devices and WiFi

You may use your wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) in the hospital.

  • Please speak quietly; use headphones and respect the privacy of other patients, staff and visitors.
  • A free Wi-Fi network is available throughout the hospital. Look for ‘hghguest’.
  • You may use your device’s camera, but you must ask permission before taking a picture, taping or filming anyone in the hospital.

Photos and videos

You are welcome to take pictures and videos of your family during your visit or your stay. Please make sure that you do not include other people in the background.

  • To protect the privacy of others, no one is allowed to take pictures or record videos of other patients or visitors in the hospital without their consent.
  • If you wish to take a picture or a video of hospital staff or physicians, please ask for their consent first. If they do not wish to have their picture taken or be videotaped, respect their wishes.
  • We may ask you to stop taking pictures or filming if it compromises privacy or patient safety.