Care Program for Victims of Assault

The Care Program for Victims of Assault addresses the medical, emotional and social needs of victims who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence or elder abuse.

How do we help victims of assault?

Our team can provide you with medical care and confidential support services, including crisis counselling, to help you deal with the trauma of an aggression.

We will care for you in a compassionate and private one-on-one setting. We can provide information regarding your rights and we will respect your decisions. With your consent, we can collect assault evidence and document injuries. We can also refer you to community support services; help you with safety planning and ensure medical and psychosocial follow-ups.

Our services are confidential – we will not call the police unless you request it. Your medical record is also protected under the law. The only people who have access to your information are the professionals involved in your care. We will not share your private and medical information with your spouse or your family unless you specifically authorize it.

How to access the Care Program for Victims of Assault?

You may come directly to the HGH Emergency Department, 24/7. You may also call the nurse or social worker to make an appointment, Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
Nurse: 613-632-1111, extension 51014
Social Worker: 613-632-1111, extension 51015

HGH is a member of the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centres.

About The Program

What to bring

  • Health card
  • List of medications and allergies
  • Medical history
  • Emergency contact information

When you arrive at the Emergency Department

  • Go to the Registration Desk and inform the clerk that you are a victim of a sexual assault or abuse.
  • The clerk will promptly take you to a private room, where your will receive support and an initial assessment. Depending on your circumstances and condition, a nurse or a physician will explain your rights and the options available to you, and may administer:
    • Pregnancy test
    • Testing for sexually transmitted infections
    • Vaccines
    • Emergency contraceptive
    • Antibiotics
    • Sexual assault evidence kit
  • A specially trained health care professional will document your injuries.
  • Risk assessment and safety planning are part of our services. We can make arrangements with our community partners to ensure your safety.
  • We will organize medical follow-ups; counselling and referrals to other community resources if needed.

Hours of operation

The Care Program for Victims of Assault is available at the Emergency Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


HGH – Main Campus
1111 Ghislain Street
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 3G5

The Emergency Department is located in Block D, level 1. View a hospital plan.


To reach the Program Nurse, call 613-632-1111, extension 51014, Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
To reach the Program Social Worker, call 613-632-1111, extension 51015 Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

In case of a life-threatening situation, dial 9-1-1.

Assaulted Women’s Helpline

For free, anonymous and confidential 24-hour telephone and TTY crisis telephone line, dial 1-866-869-0511 or visit Assaulted Women’s Helpline.

Centre Novas

Services in French – To obtain support services for women victims of sexual assault or for public education, prevention and awareness services, call 1-866-772-9922 or visit Centre Novas.

Clinique juridique de Prescott et Russell

For free legal advice on Tenant’s rights, Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, Employment Standards, Employment Insurance Denials or Canada Pension Plan, call 1-800-250-9220 or visit Clinique juridique de Prescott et Russell.

Elder Abuse Prevention

If you need help or have any questions regarding your rights as an elder, call 1-866-299-1011 or visit Elder Abuse Prevention.


To reach a francophone helpline for women dealing with violence, call 1-877-336-2433 or visit Femaide.

HGH Mental Health and Addictions Regional Centre

For counselling and services to deal with depression, stress, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, crisis situation, relationship problems, dementia, problem gambling, trauma, sexual assault or domestic violence, call 1-844-304-1414 or visit HGH Mental Health and Addictions.

Mental Health Crisis Line

For 24/7 help in dealing with a crisis, call 1-866-996-0991 or 613-722-6914.

Maison Interlude House

For information on a safe and welcoming shelter for women victims of abuse and their children, support services, transitional housing, or crisis line, call 1-800-461-1842 or visit Maison Interlude House.

Ontario Provincial Police

To reach the OPP, call 1-888-310-1122.

Planned Parenthood Ottawa

For education, information, counselling and referral services to help you make healthy decisions about your health, bodies and relationships, call 613-226-3234 or visit Planned Parenthood Ottawa.

Prescott-Russell Victim Services

Free 24/7 support services to help with the immediate and short-term needs of people dealing with trauma, tragedy or disaster. For more information, call 1-877-632-7530 or visit Prescott-Russell Victim Services.

Social Services and Financial Assistance

For information on social housing, financial assistance, Early Years Services and other programs, call 1-800-667-9825 or visit the United Counties of Prescott-Russell.


For children’s aid services and adult developmental services, call 1-800-675-6168 or visit Valoris.

Victims/Witness Assistance Program

For information on this free service for victims and witnesses of domestic violence, child physical and sexual abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking, hate crimes and elder abuse when dealing in a court case, call 1-866-296-0164.