Home Oxygen Assessment

A home oxygen assessment is conducted to determine if you need home oxygen therapy which can help you cope with certain lung or other medical conditions. The assessment may include the following tests: a specialized blood test called an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) and a walking oximetry. If you do need home oxygen, the test results can also determine if you qualify for financial help from the provincial government for assistive devices.

How to access our services?

  • You must have a referral from your physician to get an appointment and pass this test.

Who do we serve?

  • Adults
  • Children aged 12 and older

This test is provided by the Respiratory Therapy Program.

About The Program

Before your appointment

  • Your doctor will fax us a request. Please make sure your contact information is accurate so we may call you to schedule the appointment.
  • We will call you to schedule an appointment and provide preparation instructions.
  • You will receive a reminder call a few days before your appointment.
  • Please call us at least 48 hours in advance if you must cancel or change the date of your appointment.

What to bring

  • Valid Health card
  • List of all your medications, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements and herbal medicines
  • Your walking aid if applicable (walker, cane, etc.)
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes to walk in

When you arrive

  • Please register at one the self-service registration kiosks at the Main Entrance at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Clerks are available to help with the registration process.
  • Upon registering, take a “puck”. It will buzz and light up when your turn comes up and indicate in which room to report.
  • Use the Cardiology entrance door in Block A to go the Pulmonary Function Lab for your test.

Preparation and procedure

  • Take your medication as usual on the day of your test.
  • Other than wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, no additional preparation is required.
  • The therapist may take an arterial blood sample, usually at the wrist.
  • You may also have to do a monitored walk called a walking oximetry. During this test, you will be walking on level ground at your own pace.

Test results

  • The Respiratory Therapist who performs your test is not able to give you the results of your exam. The Respirologist will analyse the recorded data and send a written report to the referring physician within 10 working days.
  • Results will also be available in your electronic medical record. For information on the creation of an account and how to access your electronic medical record, visit MyChart.
  • You must book an appointment with your family doctor or healthcare professional who sent us the referral to discuss your test results.