Respiratory Therapy Program

The Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) Respiratory Therapy Program provides consultations, diagnostic exams and treatment for adults and children afflicted with breathing disorders, allergies, respiratory infections or chronic pulmonary diseases. The program includes:

  • Consultations and follow-ups
  • Complete pulmonary function testing
  • Individual and group education sessions for disease management
  • Smoking cessation counselling
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation to improve patients’ quality of life

What are Pulmonary Function Tests?

Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT) are non-invasive breathing tests that measure how well your lungs are working. Depending on your condition, care plan or results from previous tests, you may need to do only one test or several tests.

  • Body Plethysmography: used to identify how much air is in your lungs after you take in a deep breath, and how much air is in your lungs after breathing out as much as you can
  • Bronchial Challenge: used to determine if your lungs’ airways react to a specific trigger and can help confirm if you have asthma or how severe your asthma is
  • Diffusion Studies: used to identify how well the oxygen in the air you breathe into your lung moves from your lungs into your blood
  • Spirometry: used to identify how much air you can breathe into your lungs and how much air you can quickly blow out of your lungs
  • Walking Oximetry/Arterial Blood Gases: used to identify the level of oxygen in your blood at rest and with activity; and to help determine how severe your breathing problem is

How to access our services?

You must have a referral from your physician to book an appointment.

About The Program