Pre-Admission Clinic by Telemedicine

The Pre-Admission Clinic by telemedicine is for patients who have a planned surgery at The Ottawa Hospital.

Who do we serve?

  • Patients aged 18 and over

How do we help our patients?

  • We provide patients with information about their upcoming procedure, what to expect and what to prepare for after surgery.
  • Telemedicine allows patients to consult medical specialists without having to travel to Ottawa.

How to access our services?

  • You must have a referral from your surgeon at The Ottawa Hospital to book an appointment.

The appointment is by telemedicine at HGH. The Ambulatory Clinics offer several other types of medical consultations with specialists through telemedicine.

About The Program

Before your appointment

  1. The Ottawa Hospital Pre-Admission Unit will confirm your eligibility for an appointment by telemedicine.
  2. We will call you to schedule an appointment by telemedicine at HGH.

What to bring

  • The Patient Education Booklet that The Ottawa Hospital has mailed to you. If you have not received it, you may download a copy from their website. Link to Pre-Admission Unit.
  • Valid Health Card
  • Bottles and containers of all your medications, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements and herbal medicines
  • List of allergies

When you arrive

  • Please use the Main Entrance and register at one of the self-serve kiosks at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Clerks are available to help with the registration process.
  • Upon registering, take a pager. It will buzz and light up when your turn comes up. Its screen will indicate the room number where to report.
  • Room numbers and other public interest messages are presented on the TV screens in the waiting room.

The telemedicine consultation

The consultation is held in a room equipped with a monitor, a camera and medical devices.

  •  The appointment will be with a nurse. A pharmacy technician, an anesthesiologist or other health professionals may also be present.
  • You may have to change into a hospital gown, depending on your type of surgery.
  • First, the nurse will do a health assessment, including blood pressure and weight. She will use instruments to check airways and chest sounds. Your surgeon will receive this information through Epic, our health information system.
  • Then, the nurse will help you fill out any paper work and review your list of medications and allergies. She will also coordinate any testing such as blood work and X-rays required prior to your procedure.
  • The nurse will review the Patient Education Booklet with you and provide before and after surgery information. She will give you instructions for the night before surgery and details about medication. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the preparation leading to your surgery.
  • The nurse may also help with the translation of medical terms to English or French if needed.
  • A family member or a loved one may accompany you during the visit, depending on the COVID-19 situation.
  • Due to the technology in use, telemedicine consultations are usually right on time.


  • The medical specialist will send a report to your family physician or referring health care provider.
  • Results will also be available in your electronic medical record. For information on the creation of an account and how to access your electronic medical record, visit MyChart.

Business hours

Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., except public holidays


613-632-1111, extension 52401, or through the vocal menu: option 1 (Appointments), then option 3 (Telemedicine)
Toll-free: 1-800-790-8870, extension 52401, or option 1 (Ambulatory Clinics), then option 3 (Telemedicine)




HGH Main Campus
1111 Ghislain Street
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 3G5

The Telemedicine Clinic is part of the Ambulatory Clinics located in Block B, level 1. View the hospital plan.

External resources

Refer a patient to the Pre-Admission Clinic by Telemedicine at HGH

For any questions abouth the Pre-Admission Clinic, please call the HGH Telemedicine Department at 613-632-1111, extension 52401.


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