Doctor Checking Patient's Eyes

Help us bring ophthalmology services closer to home

Known as the “busiest muscles in our bodies,” our eyes are precious. However, like other muscles, they are also susceptible to the aging process. As we age, our eyesight generally declines and the incidence of age-related diseases increases.

Some of the most common ways that aging affects the eyes include glaucoma, cataracts, presbyopia, corneal diseases, dry eye, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

Travelling to Ottawa for frequent treatments or examinations can be a challenge for anyone. It can also be a real obstacle for people who cannot take time from work, or for whom transportation is an issue. Their eyesight can deteriorate quickly without regular monitoring or treatment.

The variety of services that HGH would like to add include cataract surgery, injections for macular degeneration, and care for those with glaucoma, cornea and retina diseases. In order to provide this care for patients, new equipment is needed in both the operating room and Ambulatory Care Clinic at HGH.

What an impact this new equipment will have on so many of our patients, and especially those suffering from age- related illnesses that affect their eyes. We can do so much to help people preserve their vision and independence. What a special way to support HGH and its patients.
– Dr. Julie Maranda, former Chief of Staff at HGH

Patients with any eye disease or condition that requires constant monitoring, injections or exams, must see their ophthalmologist on a regular basis in order to preserve their eyesight as best they can. at the moment, HGH is only able to accept 2.2% of all ophthalmology cases. This is such a hardship for our patients and their families, and we hope to change this.
– Imrana Jeoffrey, Vice-President, Ambulatory Care, Quality and Informatics at HGH

The cost of new ophthalmology equipment will be $700,000.

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