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The Prescott-Russell region is our home. We enjoy our quality of life and we value the many benefits of living here: pace, open spaces, fresh air and knowing our neighbours. We value family and community, and we take care of one another.

We will reap the rewards of the major redevelopment of our hospital. Nearly a decade of planning, plus five years of construction and preparation have resulted in a new Hawkesbury and District General Hospital! This beautiful new patient-centred facility will usher in a new era of healthcare for the people of our region, right here at home.

What does this expansion mean for patients and families? It means improved access to care right here at home. It means we will no longer need to travel to Ottawa for specialized services, diagnostic tests and weekly or monthly evaluations. It also means that very soon, many more types of surgeries, treatments and tests will become available right here at HGH.

Building the New HGH was a huge undertaking and is a great achievement for Prescott-Russell. I extend my sincere thanks to so many in our community who supported this expansion. Our patients now have access to a full-service regional hospital housed in modern infrastructure with leading-edge medical equipment and technology. We could not have done it without our generous donors and the help of the Foundation.
-Marc LeBoutillier, former CEO, Hawkesbury and District General Hospital

We keep on building because There’s No Place Like Home!

The journey is just beginning! Please join us by supporting new programs at HGH that will benefit you and your loved ones, and enable your family to receive more specialty care, closer to home.

There’s No Place Like Home is the name of our new campaign.

Support our campaign There’s No Place Like Home

Over the next 3 to 5 years, our focus will be on enhancing services in orthopedic surgery, urology, ophthalmology, endoscopy and advanced mammography. This focus reflects the most pressing and increasing needs of our local population.

We seldom consider that medical equipment is an integral part of patient care from diagnosis to treatment and throughout continued follow up appointments. Yet, the latest technology and modern medical devices directly impact patient experience, recovery and outcomes.

  • With the purchase of specialty equipment, new medical procedures and surgeries can now be performed at HGH
  • With the purchase of modern technology, diagnostic testing will be improved, ensuring quicker and more effective treatment
  • With the purchase of additional equipment, more people receive care, as services are expanded and greater access is made possible

As technology develops, we want these improvements to be available for our friends and family. We want to know they are receiving the best care based on the most accurate diagnosis. Community support will continue to help ensure that new medical equipment is available to meet our healthcare needs and to make the most of the recent redevelopment and expansion.

How you can help

Want to help? You can contribute to the HGH Foundation’s current campaign There’s No Place Like Home in several ways:

  • Make a donation through our secure online application.
  • Call us at 613-632-1111, ext. 21101, and make a donation using a credit card.
  • Arrange automatic monthly or annual donations to the HGH Foundation.
  • Send a donation via mail to the HGH Foundation: 1111 Ghislain St., Hawkesbury, ON K6A 3G5

For further information, please contact Erin Tabakman at 613-632-1111, ext. 21102, or send an email.

The HGH Foundation runs several other fundraising programs. For more information, please visit Ways to give.