Donor confidence in the HGH Foundation is one of our primary concerns.

All of our donors are entitled to:

  • Be acquainted with our mission and how their donations are allocated.
  • Be made aware of the identity of the members of the Board of Directors and to expect them to make fair judgment and exercise caution in the execution of their responsibilities.
  • Consult the latest HGH Foundation financial statements.
  • Receive assurance that donations made to the HGH Foundation will be used in accordance with what was indicated during solicitation.
  • Receive the appropriate gratitude and recognition.
  • Receive assurance that donation-related information will be treated with respect and confidentiality as authorized by law.
  • Expect that all dealings with HGH Foundation representatives will be done in a professional manner.
  • Understand whether persons contacting them in the name of the HGH Foundation are volunteers, employees, or hired solicitors.
  • Remove their name from the HGH Foundation’s mailing lists.
  • Feel free to ask questions of the HGH Foundation once they have made a donation and promptly receive frank and truthful responses.

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