The Foundation achieves its remarkable results thanks to the commitment of exceptional people who care about the quality of healthcare services in their community.

The members of the Board of Directors ensure that funds raised are properly managed.

2020-21 Board of Directors

Nathalie Ladouceur


A long time ago, I heard this proverb “He who has health is rich without knowing it,” but I had never stopped to think about it deeply until the moment when I had it and my family needed it. Now I know it and I live it! On a daily basis, health, in all its imaginable forms, is present and the first wish for all people.

It is a privilege for me to offer my financial support and my time to the HGH Foundation. Surrounded by an outstanding team of volunteers, a warm growing community and amazing staff, I feel so at home. Join us in leaving your mark today and for generations to come.

Donald Hay


Hospital foundations have become an important source of non-government funding for the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment. It’s gratifying to be serving as a volunteer on the Board of Directors and contributing to this cause, especially during this period of modernization and expansion of our hospital.

Denis Desaulniers

1st Vice-President

Andréanne Roy

2nd Vice-President

Liza Boucher-Sutherland


Joanne Gratton


Having had a career in education, I saw firsthand how the unconditional commitment of volunteers has a significant and invaluable reach within organizations, thus contributing to the achievement of their objectives.

Now retired, I in turn choose to give back to the community what I have received. Over the years, my family and I have used the various services of the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital and I understand the importance of supporting what has been achieved and what can be developed. Like a school, a hospital has an influence that goes beyond the communities it serves. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the Board of Directors of the HGH Foundation.

Ginette Labelle


A hospital such as the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital is an important asset for access to quality healthcare in the region. Consequently, my commitment to the HGH Foundation aims to make a concrete contribution to the continuation and development of the programs and services offered to the community. It is with a great desire to be involved in such a worthwhile cause and with much pride that I joined this wonderful team.

Roch Laframboise


Sylvie Lefebvre


Angela Levac


The Hawkesbury and District General Hospital is entering a new era. I am proud to be a part of it and, through my involvement with the HGH Foundation, to help improve access to quality health care for the people of our region. I feel it is important to become involved in my community.

Manon Séguin


I decided to become involved with the HGH Foundation because I have seen firsthand the incredible care my family members received at the hospital. In one circumstance, the HGH staff saved the life of a member of my family, and in another, helped the one that I loved most dearly in this world pass away with dignity and respect, surrounded and comforted by her family. I will forever be grateful for the care they both received.

Pierre Souligny


Ex-Officio Members

  • Daniel Gatien, Chair, HGH Board of Directors
  • Secretary of the Board of Directors
  • Mireille Lauzon-Dauth, Friends of HGH
  • Marc LeBoutillier, Chief Executive Officer, HGH