Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is a specialty that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases affecting bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves, and the rehabilitation of people with these diseases. To help their patients, orthopedic surgeons use surgery as well as medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Orthopedic surgery performed at HGH

  • Arthroplasty (surgery to a joint, such as knee or hip replacement)
  • Arthroscopy (examination of a joint or minor surgery using an endoscopic camera)
  • Foot surgery (correction of hallux valgus (bunions), hammer toe)
  • Upper limb surgery (wrist and elbow)
  • Treatment and repair of fractures, dislocations and ruptures of tendons or ligaments

Most orthopedic surgeries performed at HGH are day surgery, meaning that patients do not need to be hospitalized. You arrive at the hospital on the morning or your surgery and return home later on the same day. Therefore, you will have to be away from work or home for less time and you can recover in the comfort of your own home.

Who do we serve?

  • Adults and children
  • We see patients of all ages at the Orthopedic Clinic. However, some pediatric surgeries may be performed at HGH, while others will be referred to CHEO, depending on the age and build of the child, as well as the complexity of the procedure.

How to access our services?

You must have a referral from your physician to book an appointment with a surgeon at the Orthopedics Clinic. The surgeon will recommend the type of surgery you need.

Orthopedic Surgery is part of Perioperative Services.

About The Program

Booking surgery date

  • After the initial consultation with the surgeon, if you do need surgery, we will call you to book a pre operative clinic appointment and confirm the date of your surgery and follow-up appointment.
  • It could take from 2 to 26 weeks before we call you to confirm dates. The wait time for your surgery will depend on the priority code assigned to your case. Urgent cases are treated first.
  • HGH meets Cancer Care Ontario target wait times.

Pre operative Clinic

  • Approximately three to four weeks before your surgery, you will meet the nurse and the anaesthetist (if required) at the pre-op clinic. During the appointment, you are invited to ask questions to better understand the procedure you will undergo. This appointment may be virtual.
  • The anaesthetist will assess your condition, and if necessary, you will pass additional exams on that same day.
  • We will explain how to prepare for your surgery and will give you an instruction sheet to take home.
  • Your appointment at the pre-op clinic may take up to one hour, if you do not need additional exams.

Surgery preparation

Smoking, eating, drinking and medication

  • You will receive instructions specific to your case during your pre-op clinic appointment.

Hygiene and clothing

  • On the morning of your surgery, shower or take a bath. Thoroughly clean the navel area if your operation is in the abdomen. You may wear deodorant if your surgery is not in the armpit area.
  • Wear loose clothing in which you will be comfortable after surgery.
  • Please do not wear:
    • Jewellery
    • Metal items – please inform the nursing staff if you have metal implants
    • Hair clips
    • Nail polish
    • Make-up
    • Contact lenses

On surgery day

  • Please arrive at the time indicated when we confirmed your surgery date. We may ask you to arrive a few hours in advance. Thank you for your patience.
  • Register at the self-service kiosk in the main entrance, and then proceed to Perioperative Services located in Block C.
  • Upon arrival, the nurse will confirm the time of your surgery.
  • You will need to wear a hospital gown. You may store your clothes and personal belongings in a locker or leave them with the person accompanying you. Bring a lock if you plan to use a locker.
  • The nurse will fill out your file and record your weight, body temperature and blood pressure, and will answer your questions.
  • The nurse will handle preparations such as IV equipment, shaving or medication.
  • You will then wait for your surgery lying on a stretcher and covered with a warm blanket.
  • If your surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, we will remove your dentures and glasses just before the surgery and will return them in the recovery room.

After the surgery

  • After surgery, we will transfer you to the recovery room under the care of a nurse.
  • You may be discharged as soon as your condition is stable.
  • Before you leave the hospital, we will give you written instructions about medication, dressing changes and advice for your recovery. If needed, we will confirm the date of your follow-up appointment with your surgeon.
  • Important: Do not drive after surgery. It is imperative that someone else drives you home. Also, you should not be alone during the 24-hour period following surgery.
  • A nurse will call you the day after your surgery to check on your condition and answer your questions.

The team

  • Surgeons
  • Anaesthetists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Practical Nurses
  • Registered First Nurse Assistant
  • OR Aid
  • Housekeeping Attendant
  • Clerk

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Business hours

Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


613-632-1111, extension 51701
Toll free: 1-800-790-8870, extension 51701


HGH – Main Campus
1111 Ghislain Street
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 3G5

Perioperative Services are located in Block C, level 1.

The Orthopedics Clinic is located in Block B, level 1.

View the hospital plan.

External resources

Referring a patient for an orthopedic surgery at HGH

Orthopedic Surgeons

Medical Referral

Patients must be referred to Orthopedics Clinic. For a consult request, please download the referral form, fill it out and fax at 613-636-6175.

Telephone for bookings: 1-800-790-8870, extension 82500