Family Birthing Centre

The birth of a child is a unique experience. In a warm and peaceful setting, the Family Birthing Centre (FBC) team provides high-quality family-centred care and support during pregnancy through delivery and up to 2 weeks postpartum.

Our team will be pleased to assist your family during this memorable event. Every year, we welcome over 450 families and their newborns at HGH Family Birthing Centre.

Features of the Family Birthing Centre

  • 5 appointed rooms equipped for labour, delivery, recovery and post-partum (LDRP)
  • 3 standard patient rooms
  • Spacious rooms with private bathrooms
  • Therapeutic baths and showers to help with pain management
  • Overnight accommodations for father or other support person
  • Secure environment with an electronic infant protection system

Our team follows guidelines and standards of practice through the More Ob Program, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and the Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program.

How to access our services?

  • We accept women for pregnancy follow-up starting at 30 weeks. Ask your family doctor for a referral to the HGH Family Birthing Centre Antenatal Clinic.

About The Program

Pregnancy follow-up appointments at HGH Obstetrical Clinic

  • Starting at 32 weeks of pregnancy, follow-up appointments are scheduled every second week up to the 36th week, then every week until delivery.
  • For your first appointment, it is very important that we receive your present pregnancy medical history from your family doctor, including all lab, ultrasound and IPS results.
  • During your first appointment, a nurse will explain the process for the upcoming weeks, including hospital pre-registration and the signing of consent to treatment.
  • The FBC and Obstetrical Clinic physicians and nurses work as a team and you will most likely meet all of them during your follow-up appointments.
  • On delivery day, the physician on call will assist you.

Rh-negative blood type

  • As an expecting mother, if your blood type is negative (A-, B-, AB-, O-) and your unborn baby’s blood type is positive, there is an Rh incompatibility. If some of the baby’s blood leaks into your system, it could lead to your body producing antibodies against your baby’s blood. This condition can affect your baby’s health.
  • If your blood type is negative, your family doctor will most likely prescribe a RhoGAM injection at 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • When you have your prescription, call the OBS Clinic at 613-632-1111, extension 52003 to make arrangements. You do not need an appointment, but you will need to visit two departments in the same day to complete the process.
  • First, you have to go for a blood sample at the lab, before 10:00 in the morning. Then, you will receive the injection at the FBC by 1:00 p.m.

Admission to your LDRP room

  • When the time comes and you’re in active labour, you’ll be admitted to your LDPR room, where you will stay for labour, delivery, recovery and post-partum stages.
  • The father or your coaching partner is welcome to stay in the room the whole time. At the physician’s discretion and depending on the circumstances, you may have a second coach also present in the room.

Length of stay

  • Women giving birth vaginally usually stay between 24 and 48 hours after the delivery of the baby.
  • Women giving birth by caesarean section usually stay between 48 and 72 hours after the birth of the baby.
  • We do blood tests on the mother and the baby 24 hours after birth and when deemed necessary by the doctor.

What to bring

  • For the expecting mother:
    • Health Card
    • Comfortable clothes, pyjamas and underwear
    • Nursing bra and nursing pads
    • Personal care products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lip balm, hand lotion, etc.
    • Sanitary napkins
    • Breastfeeding pillow
    • Breast pump
    • List of your medication, including prescribed medication, over the counter, vitamins, supplements and herbal medicine
    • Prescribed medication in its original packaging
    • Books, magazines, MP3, Tablet, etc.
    • Extra pillows for comfort.
  • For the baby:
    • Infant clothing
    • Diapers
    • Infant car seat – make sure you are familiar with the use and the installation of the car seat before bringing it to the hospital
  • For the father or support person:
    • Change of clothes
    • Snacks

Support programs and services during your hospital stay

  • Help with breastfeeding is provided by nurses trained by the Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program.
  • Newborn registration with the Registrar General of Ontario – HGH staff will complete the Notice of live birth within 48 working hours following delivery. To complete the process, parents must also fill out an online form with Service Ontario. The nurses will assist you in this process.

After you leave the hospital

  • Our community partners, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit or the CLSC will call you within 48 hours following your hospital discharge. They will offer programs designed to help families make healthy choices. They will also visit you at home at a later date.
  • Two weeks after delivery, you should see your family physician for a post-partum exam for your and your baby.
  • Call us or visit us with your baby if you have any worries or questions before your appointment with your physician.

The team

The Family Birthing Center team includes close to 30 healthcare professionals.

  • Nurses
  • Physicians