Event banner for McHappy Day happening on May 10, 2023


A total of $6,202.70 was raised at McHappy Day 2023! It is your support that continues to ensure that children in our community flourish by having access to the very best resources at HGH. Thank you for supporting such an important program!

McHappy Day 2023 Supports Children at HGH

The Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) Foundation is very grateful to be the beneficiary of this year’s McHappy Day proceeds from the McDonald’s franchise of Hawkesbury. Thank you to Mr. Louis Giguère, the franchise owner of this restaurant, for his generosity and long-time support of the HGH Foundation.

This year, McHappy Day will be held on Wednesday, May 10th. An annual Canadian tradition since 1977, McHappy Day was created to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House and in support of local charities that help children.

We are proud to support and partner with the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital Foundation for McHappy Day. Since our motto is to help children in need, we are pleased to support the Children Rehabilitation Program of Eastern Ontario at our hospital. We invite you to our McDonald’s restaurant in Hawkesbury on May 10th to support the children of our region. It will be a great day for a great cause! – Lyne Monette, Human Resources Manager, McDonald’s

On this day, you will be able to support the HGH Foundation by making a donation or buying fun items at the restaurant, such as socks, sunglasses, tangle puzzles, and even cute teddy bears. A portion of all menu purchases that day will also be donated to the HGH Foundation.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will be on site to collect donations and to offer their EZ Child Identification Program, where they register information, fingerprints, and photos to a USB stick that is given to parents or caregivers for free. The Hawkesbury Fire Department will also be on site with their trucks. They will be collecting donations and offering some fire prevention materials.

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This year’s proceeds will support the Children Rehabilitation Program of Eastern Ontario. This program at HGH helps children regain their mobility, strength and flexibility, or it helps them adapt to their condition following an accident or illness. The program also helps children living with a developmental delay or other condition; improve their coordination and their communication so they can reach their full potential. The program professionals provide assessment services and therapeutic follow-ups for patients.

The Children Rehabilitation Program of Eastern Ontario would like to sincerely thank all those involved with McHappy Day for their generous contribution. Your generosity will help us to purchase intervention materials and standardized assessments manuals, as well as to obtain various equipment in order to be able to continue to offer quality services for our clients. We are all very grateful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. – Carolyne Dion, Speech-Language Pathologist and Team Lead, HGH

The proceeds from McHappy Day will contribute to the purchase of important equipment and tools for all the therapists to use at the program’s clinic. These vary between strengthening games, standardized tests to be able to assess children, and equipment to be able to model interventions in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The funds will also help to have access to applications that provide an additional platform with intervention games in speech therapy and occupational therapy. The hospital also hopes to add more equipment to work on mobility, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills in children.

The HGH Foundation invites you to stop by the restaurant on May 10th to help them raise the funds needed for this important equipment for children in our region. Your generosity can help make a difference in the lives of these children. The Foundation is also very grateful to Mr. Giguère and the staff of the McDonald’s franchise in Hawkesbury for all of their support.

The HGH Foundation is very grateful to the entire team at the McDonald’s restaurant in Hawkesbury and to our community who support McHappy Day each and every year. Your generous support continues to ensure that children in our community flourish by having access to the very best resources through the Children Rehabilitation Program of Eastern Ontario. Thank you for your amazing support of such an important program!  – Erin Tabakman, Executive Director, HGH Foundation