Help us bring orthopedic services closer to home

When Dr. Paul Beaulé, physician lead of the orthopedics program at the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH), and his colleagues started dreaming about expanding orthopedic services at HGH a few years ago, they expected it might take years to become a full-service program. When you factor in the delays and demands of a pandemic, their expectations diminished even further.

Dr. Paul Baulé

But the team at HGH has once again proven that dreams can come true! The orthopedics program is expanding to include outpatient hip and knee replacement surgeries. Taking full advantage of HGH’s new facilities, the new MRI and upgraded CT scanner and with generous community support for additional medical equipment, more than 75% of orthopedic services can be performed right here in our own hospital.

Dr. Beaulé is leading a team of world-class surgeons who will be able to perform outpatient shoulder and hip fracture repairs as well as repairs for damage to ligaments, tendons, knees, rotator cuffs and many more of those painful injuries suffered every day in our region.

Dr. Beaulé is quick to point out that we can expect the need for orthopedic services to increase as our population ages. With the expansion of the orthopedics program at HGH, many patients will no longer need to travel to Ottawa for these services.

“With your continued support, we will be able to develop the program, add important new services, ensure that we attract the top surgeons and healthcare experts, and care for your loved ones with the best possible equipment. You can help make that happen.” -Dr. Paul Beaulé


Our objective for the Orthopedic Program

The Foundation has been asked to seek the support of the community to fully equip the operating theatres to perform these orthopedic surgeries. The hospital has provided the physical infrastructure and can cover the additional costs of more surgeries; however, it must ask the community to help provide the specialized equipment required to make this program a reality.


Dr. Julie Maranda

“This new program will help so many patients and their families in our region. Building the New HGH has been about becoming a full-service hospital and improving patient access to care. And we’re almost there. Now we need support from our generous donors to help make the Orthopedic Program a reality.” -Dr. Julie Maranda, former Chief of Staff at HGH


We invite you to participate now. We never know when someone in our family will have a sports injury, suffer with chronic joint pain, or have an accident causing a fracture. These health crises are rarely predictable.

Your gift can help make sure that we are there for everyone, at any time, and especially when pain means they need us most…because there really is No Place Like Home. Find out how you can help.