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Help us bring urology services closer to home

Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with the health of the urinary tract and reproductive tract in men and women.

Urologists are physicians who treat diseases of the urethra, bladder, and kidneys. These include everything from kidney stones, cancer, to bladder, reproductive and prostate problems. These conditions cause pain that can range from uncomfortable to excruciating. No one wants to wait for care when they are in such pain.

HGH has developed a well-established surgical program and expertise in urology. For example, we are one of the few hospitals in Ontario with the technology to perform prostate resection via day surgery. But demand has increased over the years as our region grows.

HGH is currently equipped to handle only 5% of the overall urology cases in Prescott-Russell. This means that most patients with painful and worrying urology-related conditions must travel to Ottawa for all the visits required to diagnose, treat and recover from injuries, disease and other conditions.

Dr. John Mahoney“Plans are now being finalized for the expansion of HGH’s urology program. I am pleased to join you as a proud donor, knowing firsthand the incredible impact this expansion will have on the care we will be able to provide to our patients in Hawkesbury.”
– Dr. John Mahoney, physician lead of the urology program at HGH

HGH now has space available in the hospital for the program, but lacks the necessary equipment to treat more patients.

Adding the right equipment to create a surgical suite dedicated exclusively to urology will mean a dramatic increase in the number of patients HGH can serve. We will be able to care for the 800 local patients who suffer with kidney stones each year right here at HGH. This painful condition now requires patients to make several trips to Ottawa.

Expanding the urology program at HGH will reduce painful wait times, diagnose disease much sooner and provide more care and comfort for patients, without the added stress of travel.

An investment of $300,000 will enable HGH to purchase the tools to expand its surgical program and equip a dedicated urology suite.

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